Gabriel Environmental



Gabriel Environmental Group is a full service environmental consulting firm based in New York (NY), Houston (TX), Southern California (Redlands, TX) and Portland (OR) providing services nationwide. Its staff are licensed, certified and qualified to conduct all types of environmental services.

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The services include:

•Phase Is (AAI/ASTM E 1527-13)

•Transaction Screen/ Limited Phase Is (ASTM E 1528-06)

•Records Search with Risk Assessments (RSRA)

•Phase II Subsurface Investigations

•Phase III Assessments

•Corrective (Monitoring and Remediation) Activities

•Underground Storage Tank Services

•Asbestos Surveys

•Mold (Air Quality) Surveys

•Lead Surveys and Radon Surveys

•Property Condition Assessments (PCAs)

•Other Development Planning and Assessments Services


For most  of the standard services, we provide competitive

pricing and short turnaround periods.

All Phase Is/Transaction Screens are on a
two-week turnaround basis.

We also provide many of the other related services at
no cost to banks/lenders, i.e. review of other reports, preparation of formal opinion letters, and reliance letters.
We can also assist in creating environmental policies
for banks, lenders, institutions and developers.


For further information or questions please  contact us by e-mail or
call us at: 951-545-0250 or fill our inquiries page.


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